Guided Readers

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Guided Readers

Help your K-3 child learn to read at home -

designed FOR parents, BY teachers

PARENTS: You’ve got enough to be responsible for right now.

Teaching your child to read doesn’t have to be one of them. Just log in, and let our teacher-created interactive reading lessons handle the rest.

Save Time & Sanity

Once you register for Guided Readers, all your child has to do is log in and access a lesson (that includes an illustrated book, interactive lesson activities, and so much more.)

A Book a Day or More

With hundreds of books to choose from, colorful, engaging stories, and interactive activities, students at all levels love Guided Readers!

Help Them Progress

Our easy-to-follow lessons help your child build their decoding, fluency, comprehension, & confidence at home -- so they keep improving, and don’t fall behind!

All Guided Readers' Books are Professionally Leveled by Fountas & Pinnell and


Suddenly homeschooling your kids? We’ve got your back.

Reading is one of the most important and difficult skills your child must learn -- and take-home packets only go so far.

That’s why guided Readers is here to help parents like you; with easy access to virtual lessons in reading, vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking that your kids can complete on their own.

A Message from Me to You! Parents at home who are currently struggling with what to teach and HOW to teach!

Guided Readers will help you navigate these unchartered waters of home reading instruction.

Here's how our daily Guided Readers lessons work:


Step 1: Create your child's account & select their reading level (We will help you figure that out.)

After you register for Guided Readers, you can tailor your child’s experience based on their reading level, so they’re only assigned the books meant for them.


Step 2: Log in with a 2-picture password

This serves to protect your account, and make it easy for even your youngest at-home student to access their lessons unassisted!


Step 3: Your Child's Lesson Begins

Inside the Guided Readers platform, they can read, listen to the books being read, record themselves reading aloud (to help with fluency and comprehension), take online quizzes, and enjoy activities around phonics, word work, comprehension, writing, vocabulary, and more.


Step 4: Prefer to be more hands on? We have teaching tools for parents, too

We offer printable Parent Guides so you can read with your child/children, help them with their phonics skills, ask key comprehension questions, and more.
Your level of involvement is up to you!

Here's why PARENTS love Guided Readers:

Backed by research and created by a 2nd grade teacher with 23 years in the classroom, Guided Readers is an engaging, structured approach designed to help today’s children learn from home in just 20-30 minutes each day.

With colorful, captivating books, interactive lessons, and fun activities, your kids will love their daily reading instruction (and you’ll be freed up to focus on the 1,000+ other things begging for your attention).

Guided Readers to the rescue!

We're your complete done-for-you HOME LEARNING TOOL designed to help your child improve their:

Phonics - Comprehension - Vocabulary

Reading Fluency - Guided Writing


Hundreds of Professionally Leveled Books (Levels A-Q)

parent image

Set-It-and-Forget-It Printable Guides that Parents Love


Easy, Fun, Engaging Virtual Learning Experiences for Children

What's inside your Guided Readers program?

Every effective tool you'll need to help your child progress from

"learning to read" to "reading to learn" -- AT HOME!

Parent guide image NEW 2

Guided Readers for At Home Reading Instruction

  • up to 6 child accounts for each parent account
  • over 700 leveled readers for your child/ren to enjoy
  • perfect for children in Grades K-3
  • Parent Portal for child logins and information
  • 2-Picture Passwords for ease of logging in
  • Engaging leveled readers with captivating illustrations/photographs
  • Children can read the story independently
  • Children can listen to the story as the words are highlighted
  • Children can record the story aloud and listen back to their reading
  • Children can take a comprehension quiz based on the story
  • Children's quiz grades and oral recordings saved in the Parent's Portal
  • Parent Guide for each book if parents want to participate in the teaching
  • Google Activities for sight words, phonics instruction, and comprehension with TEACHER-LED directions (Parents DO NOT have to teach their child!)
  • Parent Participation is completely up to the parent!

Hear from PARENTS who love Guided Readers:

Meet Crystal!

Crystal has been using Guided Readers with her daughter at home and has seen amazing growth in her reading abilities!

Hear from TEACHERS who love Guided Readers:

What makes Guided Readers so effective?


We're created by teachers, for PARENTS

...and have designed Guided Readers to make learning at home a breeze.


Kids can learn INDEPENDENTLY

… and learn faster with our systematized, interactive virtual approach that goes beyond worksheets and packets.


Hundreds of engaging books

… and our lessons are based on research & best practices in literacy instruction.


Engaging, colorful books, lessons, & activities

… that are consistent, comprehensive, and ENGAGING for kids to do independently.


Our books are the most engaging readers around

...with new books being added every week!


All of our books are Professionally leveled by Fountas & Pinnell and!


Join Guided Readers Today!

It’s time to take your Child's Home reading to the next level. 

 Get instant access inside your Monthly membership!

Bloom Plan

Monthly Membership

The Monthly Subscription to
Guided Readers includes:

  • access to hundreds of books Levels A - Q
  • access to Parent Guides to get involved (only if you want to)
  • children complete activities with teacher-led audio directions within Google Slides® to work independently
  • create your child's account in your portal
  • If you have more than one child, you can create multiple accounts
  • children can listen to books being read aloud while the words are highlighted on the book (this helps with decoding, fluency, and intonation)
  • cancel at any time
  • Google Activities for sight words, phonics instruction, and comprehension with TEACHER-LED directions
    (Parents DO NOT have to teach their child!)

Introductory Price

MONTHLY Membership

(You will be charged $9.99/month.

You can cancel at any time.)

Annual Membership

The Annual Subscription to
Guided Readers includes:


Everything in the monthly plan, but
you get






Introductory Price

annual Membership




Anna DiGilio

Founder & CEO

Anna DiGilio is the Founder and CEO of Guided Readers.  Anna incorporates her 23 years of classroom experience, her knowledge, expertise, and degree in curriculum development, and her professional trainings in guided reading instruction to help parents ENSURE their child continues to progress in reading AT HOME! The goal of her Guided Readers program is to help parents ensure that their child continues to progress within their reading and comprehension and not fall behind the curve while they are at home.  Anna’s passion for education and love of sharing her experiences with teachers and parents has led to thousands of teachers implementing her framework and reading program into their own classrooms to help engage their students in learning to read and learning to love reading in the process and now into the homes of parents and children as well.


What makes this different from other guided reading resources and websites?

Guided Readers has been developed by a veteran classroom teacher with more than 23-years of experience in reading instruction, to provide you with the most effective and rigorous resources to help you teach your children to become fluent, confident readers AND love to read in the process.

Our fiction books are beautifully illustrated by professional illustrators and our nonfiction books are created using the highest-quality and eye-catching photographs you can find!

Not only that, but ALL of our leveled readers are professionally leveled through our partnership with Fountas & Pinnell and

You won’t find any boring theories or ideas that don’t actually work in practice. This program is based on best practices in guided reading instruction and literacy development!  Implementing Guided Readers at home will ensure exponential growth in your child's reading skills (Results will vary).

Can I really just plop my kid down at the computer and let them learn on their own?

YES! When you first log on to Guided Readers, you will want to acclimate yourself to the portal and get used to how the technology works.  

We suggest working with your child for one-two session so they understand how to sign on, navigate the platform, and complete the activities. 

Once they have an understanding of how the program works, they can work completely independently! 

Of course, if parents want to work with his/her child on the lessons, we have provided a Parent Guide for each book on the site to help parents work through the lesson with his/her child and provide discussion prompts to assess their child's comprehension of the story. 

Will this help my child keep up with their school’s curriculum?

YES! Absolutely! If your child was currently in school, these are the types of lessons and activities they would engage in during small group guided reading instruction. 

Guided Readers was created BY TEACHERS with over 23 years teaching reading to children. We are experts in understanding how children learn to read and have added all of our knowledge, expertise, and experience within the Guided Readers program to ENSURE that your child not only progresses in their reading development while at home, but will experience exponential growth in their reading abilities. (Results will vary.)

I have kids at different reading levels... will this work for all of us?

YES! Absolutely!  Guided Readers provides books from Levels A - Q to ensure that your children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade can continue their reading instruction at home.

How do I know what level my child is reading at?

This is a great question. We suggest you ask your child's teacher what level they are currently reading at to give you a baseline on where to have your children begin on Guided Readers. 

However, if that is not readily available information you can use these guidelines to help you make an informed decision on where to start your child within the Guided Readers program:

If your child is in Kindergarten and an average reader, we suggest working with books on Levels A - D. 

If your child is in Kindergarten and an advanced reader, we suggest working with books on Levels D-H.

If your child is in first grade and an average reader, we suggest working with books from Levels D - I. 

Children in first grade are typically expected to exit first grade reading on a Level I. 

If your child is in second grade and an average reader, we suggest working with books from Levels I - N.

Children in second grade are typically expected to exit second grade reading on a Level M/N. 

If your child is in third grade and an average reader, we suggest working with books from Levels M - Q.

Children in third grade are typically expected to exit third grade reading on a Level Q.

What is your cancellation policy?

You have 3 days to peruse the site, print out a few resources, and use the Digital Interactive Reader to see what is offered on Guided Readers. If after 3 days you feel that it is not a good fit for you, you may ask for a refund and cancel your membership. However, if you DOWNLOAD 3 or More resources from the site, you will NOT BE ELIGIBLE for a refund due to the instant and irrevocable access you gain to the materials.

Cancellations are immediate and you will lose all access to all of the resources in Guided Readers.

All memberships will renew automatically unless you go into your account settings and cancel your subscription. 

Want to hear the BEST PART?  When you join, you are GRANDFATHERED IN to the price you joined at!  So, your annual membership fee will never increase even when the price of the membership increases as long as you are a current member!

Can I join the Private Facebook Community of Parents?

YES!  Absolutely!  We would LOVE to have you in our Guided Readers Teaching Community!  Please CLICK HERE to request to join!

What levels of readers are available?

We have leveled readers available for Levels A-Q currently.

Please note, we add about 20 books per week which is about 80 books per month. The library is constantly growing!

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