Refund Policy - Guided Readers

Refund Policy: 

Thank you so much for your interest in Guided Readers! Below, please find our refund policy:

We want you to be completely happy with your purchase. You’ve got a full 3 days to familiarize yourself with the Teacher Portal and getting your students set up with an account.  Peruse through the Library Bookshelf that will GROW each and every month and the resources that accompany each book and put them to the test in your classroom. If you don’t feel Guided Readers gives you the guided reading resources you need to transform your reading block, streamline your instruction, and help your students achieve reading mastery…

Then all you need to do is contact us here within 3 days of your purchase, and you will receive a hassle-free refund in full.

(Please note that if you’ve downloaded 3 OR MORE books/resources, refunds WILL NOT be granted, due to the instant and irrevocable access you’ll receive once they’re delivered.)

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